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Much of his work is still unavailable in English, but rest assured: there are images in nearly every single one of Ito’s stories that could qualify for this list.Big, Big Spoiler Alerts “The Enigma of Amigara Fault”An Earthquake exposes human-shaped absences in a cliff wall, and soon people from across Japan are drawn to the holes, convinced they’re shaped specifically for them.The titular Tomie is a functionally immortal girl who inspires relentless adoration in men and intense jealousy in women.

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Being chased by a shark is scary enough—being chased by a shark in your own home just isn’t right, man.

The initial terror of land-bound deep-sea predators eventually gives way to severe body horror, making this a solid twofer of delicious discomfort.

The panel above spoils the reveal, but the dread is still palpable: imagine being in a stranger’s embrace for hours on end without knowing it?

Even with a premise that flirts at the absurd, this is the sort of story that inspires grown adults to check under the bed at night.

Ito’s “In The Soil” takes place at a school reunion where the popular kids crack open the class time capsule and discover a nasty surprise.

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