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The primary issue in the European Union was what hurdles nations, clamoring to enter the union, would have to overcome in order to become members. It was in a place of comfort, safety and international collegiality.

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The Russians are predicting dire consequences, and some U. The confluence of a financial crisis in Europe that has led to dramatic increases in nationalism — both in the way nations act and in the way citizens think — with the threat of war in Ukraine has transformed Germany’s world.

Germany’s goal has been to avoid taking a leading political or military role in Europe. The European financial crisis, now seven years old, has long ceased being primarily an economic problem and is now a political one.

What is most important is that in both cases, Germany has been forced — more by circumstance than by policy — to play leading roles.

This is not comfortable for Germany and certainly not for the rest of Europe.

In Europe, Germany is playing a leading but aggressive role.

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