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coloured pebbles and small roots, casually picked up outdoors and perhaps put into an order appearing meaningful to their collector, than of structured 'webs of thoughts' created by man: The person of the poet proper, the poetry's subject hardly ever are expressed by grammar, implied at most by context, reference seems to be casual and rather to be grasped by eine Handvoll beilufig in der Natur aufgelesener bunter Steine und Wurzeln, vom Finder allenfalls in eine ihm bedeutsam erscheinende Anordnung oder Reihenfolge gebracht: Die Person des Dichters, das Subjekt des Gedichts bleiben grammatikalisch fast immer unausgedrckt, allenfalls im Kontext angedeutet, die Bezge scheinen wie zufllig und sind eher zu Industrial change has not only led to a growth in several job markets but also to an "informalisation" of the labour market in which employment opportunities are increasingly likely to be casual, part-time and subcontracted.

Der industrielle Wandel hat nicht nur zu einem Wachstum in verschiedenen Stellenmrkten gefhrt, sondern auch zu einer "Schattenwirtschaft", in der es immer mehr Gelegenheits- und Teilzeitstellen und an Subunternehmer vergebene Arbeit gibt.

whose remembrance literature, nevertheless, offers informative insights into family life in the old home, into the popular culture in everyday life, into the customs and into the approaches to life of all groups of Danube Swabians and as unique documentation, a treasure trove is offered even a long time for interested ethnologists, folklorists, historians, students of regional and cultural studies and dialect researchers.dennoch aufschlussreiche Einblicke in das familire Leben in der alten Heimat, in die Volkskultur im Alltag, in das Brauchtum und in die Lebenseinstellungen aller Gruppen von Donauschwaben bieten und als einmalige Dokumentation noch lange Zeit eine Fundgrube fr interessierten Ethnologen, Volkskundler, Historiker und Landeskundler, Mundartforscher und Volkskundler bieten werden.

In the Dutch DEPARTMENT STORE the result was stabilisation and a slight increase in employment as the creation of standard, flexible annualised working time contracts for part-time and full-time labour blurred the distinction between part-timein the example of the Danish textile company NECKELMANN, in which the previous customary policy of "hire and fire" was rebuffed with the aid of the new working time system, stabilisation of employment played a part in this connection.

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Casual treffen Würzburg

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