Brenda lesbian dating app

by  |  04-Aug-2017 11:04

Exton explained that she initially worked for a branding agency who had an Internet dating service as a client, which piqued her interest in building a better service.

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I gotta be honest with you guys — it’s pretty hard out there for a single weirdo on the Internet.

When it comes to online dating, a queer lady’s options are limited in terms of what works and what doesn’t.

The events have since taken off in 21 cities, including San Francisco.

Dom De Guzman, 29, a manager at cloud-communications firm Twilio, said that since breaking up with her girlfriend of four years, she had been looking for ways to meet new people and explore outside of her comfort zone.

“If you actually built an app around how women talk to each other, it changes everything.” The company was renamed Her in 2015, the year it moved its headquarters to San Francisco.

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